All of the buildings in the Fort

Hancock campus are connected via direct burial copper

cable of varying sizes and capabilities to Verizon’s frame

located in building 26. After Superstorm Sandy, Verizon

repaired the existing copper cable to restore data and

voice service for NPS and its partners. NPS has hired

an Architectural-Engineering (A/E) firm to conduct

an assessment and report on renewal and repair of the

communications infrastructure at Sandy Hook.

Once the report is received, NPS will engage

Verizon in negotiations to expand its fiber optic

infrastructure on Sandy Hook.

NPS has agreed to allow Verizon to install a 4G

LTE antenna, on Sandy Hook. This will expand the

cellular capabilities in the area immensely.

A separate project to run the first leg of fiber optic

cable from the Verizon microwave to Building 26 is


A new telecommunications underground

infrastructure is being installed at Fort Hancock in a loop

configuration. Only NPS buildings in use will be hooked

up to the new infrastructure as part of this contract.

The loop design allows for redundancy in service and

future connections to other buildings. Each of the future

tenants can connect to the infrastructure at specified new

maintenance hole locations at their sole expense. NPS

plans to install the new telecommunications underground

infrastructure by spring 2016. At that time, Verizon service

will be available when a building is connected by the