Sanitary System

The sanitary system (which is fully

separate from the storm sewer system) at Fort Hancock

is functional and sized appropriately to accommodate the

anticipated future development. Gravity-fed distribution

pipes bring sanitary waste to a pump station. From there,

sanitary waste is fed by a force main into the park’s

wastewater treatment plant. NPS maintains the collection

and force main system, and the Lessee will be responsible

for repairs to the lateral system from the building to

the main trunk line. The Lessee will have the sanitary

sewer lateral line videoed, tested, and inspected by a

qualified licensed plumber and an inspection report with

recommendations will be submitted to NPS for approval.

The Lessee will be required to make any repairs to the

sanitary sewer prior to occupying the building. If any

pipe is collapsed the pipe is required to be replaced with

AWWA C900 DR-18 PVC pressure pipe. All connections

to the trunk line and from the building shall be made

using standard couplings and transition fittings. Areas

may be of open cut construction and require NEPA and

Section 106 compliance. Archeology monitoring shall be

paid for by the tenant. Asphalt and concrete repair and

ground repairs, i.e. seeding costs, must be borne by the

tenant and will be subject to the NEPA/106 compliance

process. If the video shows a deteriorated pipe, the park

may allow that the pipe to be lined in lieu of open cut

construction replacement. Any repairs will require park

approval of plan and schedule. All work will be completed

according to the latest New Jersey Code and constructed

to industry standards.