Other Structures

Fort Hancock has a large mixture of other structures. It been home to a battalion of solider from the turn of the century to the 1960 it had a number to structures to house and feed all of them.

Other Structures

Along with the housing the fort was made of many other structures.


The bakery was a large bakery to make bread for the soldiers that were station on Fort Hancock. It was built in 1898 and is 2,740 sq ft.

Mule Stable

The mule Stable was a a stable when it was built in 1899. During that time animal were still an important of everyday life and military operations. Currently being used as storage by National Park Service. The mule Stable is 7,629 sq ft.


The Commissary was the super market for the fort. It was where the soldiers got there food. It was built in 1900 and is 5,163

Mess Hall


The Mess Hall was where the enlisted soldiers would eat. The 3 mess hall were located behind the there Enlisted Barracks. Each of these building were built in 1905. It of the Mess Halls are 6,676.

Gas Station

As the base modernized a gas station was add in 1936 and then modernized 1939. The Gas station is 1,325.

Post Exchange/ Gym

The post was the home for the soldiers that live there. The Post Exchange served as there general. Built in 1909 with 8,747 sq ft.

Oil and Paint Storehouse

Was used to store Oil and Paint and was Built in 1909.