Building 23

Enlisted Barracks

  • Building No:23
  • Historic Use: Enlisted Barracks
  • Proposed Use: Residential
  • Built: 1899
  • Square ft: 17,145


The Enlisted Barracks were was the home to the Enlisted Soldiers. Each of the Barracks housed all of the Enlisted Soldiers of there given unit. There are 3 Enlisted Barracks for lease at Fort Hancock.

Historic Description

One of four 1898-99 Enlisted Men’s Barracks built to accomodate Fort Hancock turn-of-century shore defense garrison. Each building was an element of the original 1896 masterplan for Fort Hancock. Designed to house 70 enlisted men it is an excellent example of military residential architecture.

Physical Description

First floor has one dormitory, one lavatory, and eight squad rooms. Second floor had two dormitories. Internal brick chimneys are located centrally. Windows have stone sills and flat, keyed arches. Under peak of the roof in each gable end is an oval bull’s eye window. Located east of the Parade Ground.

Additional Information